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How it all began


MAYs street stall

In 2014 May quit her corporate job and opened a street stall in the streets of Pattaya, serving freshly prepared Thai meals. She set herself apart from the rest by serving amuse bouche to every guest. Her wooden table and fancy menus made a big impression and so she became very popular in no time.

MAYs Street Stall



Only six months after she opened the street stall, May opened her first restaurant with a roof. The first MAYs was born at a wholesale market in Pattaya, where guests would dine for the next three years.

MAYs Ratanakorn



After expiration of her lease at the wholesale market, May scouted for a new place. This time it was supposed to be indoors as guests started to demand air-conditioning and a cleaner ambiance than the road side restaurant it was until now. MAYs Pattaya was born.

MAYs Pattaya


pipe wall_edited.jpg

In 2017 May was approached by investors from Bali. In late 2017 MAYs Bali opened its doors at a central location in Seminyak. It quickly became popular, but was forced to close in 2019 with the worsening of the tourism industry post the earthquake and volcanic eruption.

MAYs Bali



In early 2018 MAYs sold its first master franchise to a major investor in Vietnam and opened MAYs Factory in Thao Dien district of Ho Chi Minh City as the first branch. 

MAYs Factory


MAYs Dong Khoi_180904_0003_edited.jpg

Shortly after the opening of MAYs Factory, MAYs opened its flagship restaurant in Dong Khoi district of Ho Chi Minh City. The 400 sqm restaurant was located in prime location and became the go to place for business people, politicians and celebrities.

MAYs Dong Khoi


MAYs BKK_190528_0025 edited_edited.jpg

After the huge success in Vietnam, May decided to open her flagship restaurant in Bangkok on Sukhumvit Soi 12. The restaurant was placed within the bustrling shopping and business district and quickly became popular among residents and tourists, who were drawn in from all over the city to enjoy the fine Thai cuisine.

MAYs Bangkok



As COVID 19 devastated the World May tried with everything she had to hold on to what she had built through hard work and dedication. Unfortunately she was defeated by COVID 19 and closed all but one branches as the financial pressure became unbearable.




In 2022 May decided to get back to business and reopened MAYs Pattaya for the first time after COVID 19 ran over the world in 2020. By the end of 2022, MAYs Pattaya had its best year in history and became the top ranked restaurant in Pattaya on Google.

MAYs Reborn


Want to own a Franchise?

MAYs has proven to be a financially lucrative restaurant investment

and demonstrated resilience even to the worst of disasters. 

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