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The Farm Som Sanook is an organic welfare farm in the forefront of the mighty Mekong, in Bueng Kan province. Our farm values sustainability and welfare of our animals and only uses biological methods to grow vegetables and fruits. 

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Free Range Chicken 

Our chicken live on their private island! Undisturbed from predators, our chicken range free in and outdoors on their 800 square meter island and consume home grown vegetables, fruits and protein. Our main purpose is for egg production.

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Free Raised Ducks

Our ducks are raised wild. We have three different breeds who enjoy playing in the adjacent river. Our ducks have their safe haven within our farm, yet have a water channel to access the adjacent khlong (creek), where they play all day before returning home at night on their own.


Cashew Plantation

We grow cashew trees mainly for its savory nut, but also use the apple either for our animals or to produce delicious products such as jam and fresh juice. We only use organic fertilizer produced from hemp plants to assure highest quality cashew nuts.  

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Organic Rice

Our rice is grown sustainably and organically with minimal carbon footprint. We mainly grow Jasmine rice and Thai sticky rice, which is used at our restaurant MAYs Pattaya and for our animals at the farm, including our rescued dogs.  


Fruits & Veggies

Mango, Lime, Pomelo, Chili, Salad, and Tomatoes are just a few of the fruits and vegetables we grow. All products are used either by the restaurant or to feed our animals. We make our own organic fertilizer from chicken manure. 


Our River

Our farm is adjacent to a beautiful river, which peacefully runs through the neighboring villages and provides us with water to irrigate our farm all year round. We use a solar to pump to push water into our fields and therefore assure minimal a more sustainable approach.


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